Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning - The Gas Fireplace

Well spring is just around the corner and I have made my first step towards spring cleaning. For some reason, and I seriously don't know why, I started with the gas fireplaces. We have 2 in our home. I wasn't planning on it, I was reading a book and I looked over at the fireplace and the sun was shining on it showing all the dust and grime...I was shocked at how dirty it was! How had I never noticed this? I looked at my hubby and asked him if he could take it apart for me, which he did (and turned off the gas...very important!).
Here are the before shots (eww and double eww):

I've never had a gas fireplace before moving into this home, so it never even crossed my mind to clean it!  Hello!  And did you know that those logs aren't glued in place?  You can move them around and it changes the way the flames look!  (Most of you are thinking...uh duh...but I truly didn't know!) LOL!!

Here it is with the cover removed:
I vacuumed out as much of the dust as I could and to get into all the nooks and cranny's I used a dry rag to wipe it down.  As for the glass part we (he) removed I just used Method Window Wash and paper towel.  It worked awesome!
Here are the after photos, I couldn't believe the difference (and it made me SO happy!), the pictures really don't do it justice:

So that's one to check off my list!  I'm already done cleaning and organizing my kitchen cabinets and I'd like to tackle more projects, but right now I'm taking it slow.  My most important project right now is to look after myself and to make sure the master bedroom and bath is clean and tidy for my recovery period after my surgery which is coming up in 10 days.  I say bring it!  Cut the bad stuff out and let me move on with my life (and my spring cleaning!).

Thanks for reading! :) Cath

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  1. Wow! What an improvement. Gonna pin this :)

  2. Nice work! Lol, I would never have known you could move the gas fireplace logs either. That's kinda cool, really.:)

  3. I really need to clean mine as well! I use Method too...love their products! Angie xo

  4. What a difference! Looks great - new even!

  5. I’ve found that it’s more cost effective for me to use my gas fireplace, it’s an inexpensive solution

  6. How did you get the glass cover off?

  7. About the log thing, it actually took quite a while (by accident, actually) before we discovered that moving them can change how the fire looks. As for cleanup, you’re likely not to clean it as often as a regular fireplace, but what you did should be done every so often to remove leftover burn residues, as well as clear the glass for aesthetic reasons. I hope you’re enjoying your gas fireplace right now. It’s definitely chilly enough.


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