Thursday, April 12, 2012


Disclaimer: A little bit graphic about my hysterectomy...

Hello to all my new blog friends! Just wanted to leave a quick note to tell you all that I am home from the hospital and recovering well from my hysterectomy. There were 8 people in the operating room for my surgery which totally shocked me. There was the anesthesiologist and his med student, the oncologist who actually did the surgery and his 2 residents and 3 nurses. Right before they put me to sleep I said if there is any way to complete this surgery without having to cut me wide open please please do it.  I don't know if it was because I had said this or not but Dr. S. (my oncologist) said that there were a few complications that they weren't expecting and I lost a lot more blood than usual and he came so close to cutting me open, but they were able to complete the surgery with 4 small incisions and vaginally, I can live with that!  Thank you God!  So I am in full recovery mode right now, catching up on reading all my favourite blogs and sleeping (lots of sleeping!).  My mother in law has been my angel and is here with my FIL looking after me and the kids.  I am very VERY blessed.

Here are the "Highlights" of my stay in the "all-inclusive resort":

1st Photo: The food is so gross.  Why oh why do they feed sick people disgusting food?

2nd photo: It's not that obvious in this photo but when they intubated me they must have banged my lip pretty hard as I had a fat lip when I woke up.  My hubby thinks it's hilarious that I can only smile with half my face!

3rd photo: I lost my knuckles!  My left hand was so swollen by the IV!  Thank goodness I had removed my wedding rings!!

Thank you for all the wonderful emails of love, support and prayers you have sent me!  I will let you know my biopsy results as soon as I get them (in approx. 1 week). :) Cath

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Monday, April 09, 2012

An Organized Master Bathroom

Alrighty...the spring cleaning has continued and I am (slowly) getting each room clean and organized!  A confession...I hate cleaning, I read all these blogs where they say how much they LOVE cleaning..but I just don't.  What I DO love though, is the feeling after the cleaning is done, it just feels so good to have a clean and organized house.

If you missed my posts about my organized kitchen cabinets, you can read it HEREmy organized pantry is HERE  and my organized art closet is HERE.

This weekend I organized our master bathrooms cabinets (and our master closet and bedroom but more on those later!).

Here are the "before" photos:

 Cupboard #1

Top Drawer
 Middle Drawer 
Bottom Drawer:
Cabinet #2
Now you may be asking yourself, "is that an Easter Basket in cupboard #1?" I cannot lie...yes, yes it is.

So as you can see, we have loads of storage space in our master bathroom, it just wasn't being used to it's full potential.  So here's what I did:

1. I completely cleared out all cabinets and drawers washed them, and purged the products that had expired or that we didn't use.

2. I purchased "under the sink" storage shelves. 
They are normally around $20 each but they were on sale at Canadian Tire for $5.97 so I bought 6 of them.  One for each sink in the house!
3. I put the shelves together and placed them under the sinks.

4. Then I filled the shelves with the products that we actually use.

Here are the "after" photos:

CABINET #1 - This is the cabinet right beside the toilet, so it made the most sense to store the toilet paper there.  The clear container on the top right contains spare supplies, on the middle right is a container I purchased from Ikea, and it is perfect for organizing my make-up.  On the bottom left is a basket with my blow dryer, straightening  iron and curling iron and the right side has my hair brushes and hair products.

Top Drawer: This is where we keep our toothbrushes now as well as everyday things such as my hair elastics and body butter!
Middle drawer: I organized our deodorant and face washes/moisturizers into convenient dollar store containers and placed perfume (and cologne) along the side.  I'm actually not a big fan of scents, everything I  use is usually unscented but for some reason the "white musk" at the Body Shop as well as Citrus scents don't bother me.
The Bottom drawer: I stuck all our "tubes" of lotions and potions into a cool little dollar store container which is so much more organized.
Cabinet #2: The mouthwash and 2 white containers have my hubby's toiletries in them.  Then we have face cloths, bath mats, hand towels and bath towels handy.  The spray bottle is an "after shower" spray that we use after each shower or bath.  It's nice to just spray it down and leave it.
Ok so there it is!  My newly organized Master Bathroom.  YES!

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