Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Creating Memories!

It's fun to come home to my family playing and laughing and having fun!  I walked in on an impromptu game of "hockey" in our small little yard.  Sometimes as adults we get so wrapped up in serious things that we forget to play with our kids and to let ourselves just "be".  We need to do that more.  I need to do that more!

Here's the scene I came home to today:

Creating memories.  Awesome. :) Cath

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  1. love love love it. Miss you so much. Sheri

  2. WOW love those pictures and they look so fun!

  3. Thanks for linking up to Mommy Solutions and for hosting the button on your blog. We love this post and are featuring it on Facebook right now! Have a great week. The new linky starts tonight at 9pm.


  4. You are right about not spending enough "playtime " with our kids. reading your post reminds me to do more of that tomorrow!
    Thanks! laura


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