Saturday, January 21, 2012

Homework - Sometimes it's the little things...

The homework hour in our house has always been...let's see, how do I say!  My daughter, Maya, really struggles with it, she hates homework, I know most kids say they hate homework, but she REALLY does...with a capital "H"!  I dread that time of day and it often ends in fights or tears.  So I was thinking this week, what can I do to make it not as sucky, and I decided to make her a homework caddy...just for her.  

The inspiration for this idea came from Angie over at Echoes of Laughter.  If you've never been to her is one of my faves...make sure you drop by! (And say hi from me!)

One of the frustrations during the homework hour, is not being able to find things or forgetting to bring things home from school.  So the homework caddy is somewhere that houses all the supplies she needs including the "fine liner" (which always seemed to go missing!).

It is kept in our newly organized art closet, she grabs it to do her homework and puts it back when she's done.  Nothing in the homework caddy is ever used for anything other than homework.

To my surprise, this homework caddy has actually made a big difference.  I think she likes that it is just hers and who doesn't like school supplies!

Other than buying dollar store basket and the supplies (a lot of it I already had around the house), the only work it entailed was making a cute label.  Which let's be honest....not my most creative work, but it works!  Can I just say that I love my label maker.  I wish I could just label everything in the house....
MICROWAVE!!  TOASTER!!  DOOR!!  ya....maybe not. :) hehe

What do you do to make homework easier in your house?  Tell me everything!!

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  1. I LOVE this! You are a great mommy and very crafty too!

  2. Nice post. Your girl is so cute.
    I've to learn from you coz one day it'll help me. :)

  3. That was a great idea. Glad to hear that it is working for you.
    Just an idea, so that the novelty doesn't wear off... maybe you could, every now and then, hide some new stationairy item, a love note, or a motivation voucher ie: if you *challenge I will *reward.

  4. Since my babies are now grown up with their own ... I don't have homework issues. I do remember having them take a half hour to play before hitting the books. No TV until I had checked their homework. I Love Alissa's idea!

  5. what a great ideas and love the fun photos! :) thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Love your blog and I'm your newest follower! :))

  7. School is about to go back here for the year, so I have bought my boys a Lego carousel for their homework caddy since they are both Lego mad! All the pencil textas, crayons and bits and pieces are Lego themed, though I have added a couple of pairs of scissors and a glue stick. I also have a stock box of extra textas and pencils and writing pencils ready to go for when the caddy or their school pencil cases are depleted.

  8. This is an excellent mommy and kiddo solution!
    I would love for you to share it on my weekly mommy resource meme.

    Your site is beautiful! :)

  9. What a great idea! It's amazing how the simplist of things can make such a difference.


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