Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sick Day...Ugh

First you may want to read a little background of why I started this blog, it will help you understand why even on a good day, I'm feeling pretty lousy right now and why having this cold on top of it sucks big time!...You can read it Here.

Yesterday and Today I have been sick with a really bad cold and sinus infection (just what I needed!). But as many of you know, mom's don't get a day off (well not really).  Here's a day in the life of a sicky mom:

6:50am - Force myself out of bed and head downstairs to make the kids school lunches.  Gag on oil of oregano.

7:15am - Grab my favourite mug and pour myself a coffee.  (Yes I really do feel as bad as I look!)

7:30am - Feed kids breakfast...make sure they have on clean underwear and brush their teeth!  (they try to be sneaky...but don't they know that I know all the fact I may have invented some of them!)

8:00am - Grab crock-pot for Go-To Easiest Dinner pulled pork.  For the easy recipe go HERE.

8:15am - Boot kids out the door for school.  Breathe. sigh. of. relief.
He's not really crying, he's being "funny" for the photo op!

8:30am - Eat some breakfast....take vitamin C, multi-V, iron and bcomplex....drink lots of water.

9:00am - Crawl back to bed.  Work on blog on laptop...try to snooze but with no success (kind of hard when I can't breath).

11:00am - Give up trying to next best book that I'm loving (Jodi Picoult's "Handle with Care).

11:45am - Steam myself in bathroom to try and relieve some pressure in my luck.  Pop more tylenol.

12:15pm - Throw in a load of laundry.  Fold and put away the clean stuff.

12:45pm - Heat up some yummy, homemade, yellow pea soup and make some toast for lunch.  (I will post the recipe in a future's REALLY good!)

While the soup is heating, stare blankly at the hole above the fireplace and wonder for the thousandth time...why did the builders put that square hole there?  Why didn't I insist they fill it in with drywall?  How should I decorate it?  OH!  Microwave is beeping!

1:00pm - Feel totally ripped off because I can't taste my yummy soup.  This would be a good time to eat brussell sprouts (yuck!).

1:30pm - Work on blog.

2:00pm - Shower and get dressed (yes I was in my pj's this whole time!)

2:30pm - Leave to go pick up kids from school.

2:45pm - Hit the grocery store to pick up fresh buns and salad to go with dinner (bribe kids with gum)

3:30pm - Get home and unload groceries.  Remember that I promised Matthew we would make homemade playdough together.  (I had already bailed on him yesterday cause I was feeling so sick).

4:00pm - Make a big mess playdough with Matthew (this is for a whole other post) but here's a sneak peak:

Isn't he cute?!
4:45pm - Clean up big mess.  Start vacuuming everywhere, cause, hey, it's in my hand anyway!  Stop vacuuming when hit with a cold sweat.

5:00pm - Laundry into dryer.  

5:30pm - Shred up the pork for dinner, prepare salad and buns.

5:45pm - Hubby home...not looking too good, seems to be sick too :(

6:00pm - Eat dinner with family.

6:30pm - Hubby heads to bed (2 parents down!)

6:45pm - Clean up dinner dishes with kids (not too many with this meal...yay!)

7:00pm - Homework brain is fuzzy, I'm starting to hit a wall.  Oh Dear.

8:00pm - Michael usually gets the kids ready for bed...but not tonight.  I would so like to head back to bed...and try to sleep!  Soon...soon.  Oh please let me sleep and wake up without this headache!

8:10pm - Watch clock and wait for 8:30pm so I can tuck Matthew in. 

8:20pm - Almost cry because HTML is giving me grief.  Oh well....Publish this blog post anyways.

Any miracle cures out there for sinus colds?  Please share!

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