Tuesday, February 28, 2012

50's Sock Hop! (Tomboy in a Skirt Alert!)

My daughter's grade 5 class have been learning some swing and jive dances in their gym class.  For Valentine's Day, their teacher threw them a 50's sock hop.  Everyone got dressed up in their 50's dance outfits, all the parents were invited and they topped it off with an ice cream root beer float.  The kids loved it!

I didn't want to spend money on a costume because knowing my daughter, she will never ever wear this for a costume again.  She is a tomboy through and through.  Last year for Halloween she went as a dead chef, the year before a dead bride (you get the picture...she's just not into girly costumes).

So I used what we had.  She has ONE skirt, so I dug that out and wiped the dust off of it...LOL!!

Then I printed off a picture of a poodle, cut it out and traced it onto red felt.
Once I had the felt cut out, I pinned it to the skirt and then hand-sewed it on.
Then to wrap up the look she wore a red cardigan sweater, a scarf around her neck and canvas style runners.  I couldn't get her to wear a pony tail or the frilly socks I made..but hey, I got her into a skirt!

For a non-sewing person I think it turned out pretty good!
And she looked SO cute even if she says she felt very awkward!

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  1. I think you did a great job Cath! A great solution to something she will never wear again!I think she looks so adorable! Great job Mom!Angie xo


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