Monday, February 06, 2012

Organizing your "Medicine Cabinet"

I recently read that the worst place to store your medicine is in the bathroom because the temperature and humidity levels can cause the medications to become ineffective or even harmful over a period of time (Same goes for the kitchen).  Why we have "medicine" cabinets in the bathroom is beyond me!  But I digress...

You know how when you start a project it often snowballs into another project and then another...and another?  Well that is how this little organizing project came about.  I'm in the midst of organizing my pantry and kitchen cabinets and I needed the baskets that I was storing the medication in, PLUS all my medications were being stored in the kitchen AND the bathroom so it was a project that needed to be dealt with anyways!  Win Win!

So I grabbed the 2 baskets of medications that needed new homes:

 Then I grabbed 2 shoebox containers and a small container with drawers:
Sorted through all the medications and threw away all the expired ones.  We had A LOT of expired medications, obviously this is something I need to do a little more often!  For instance, this one from when my kids had the chicken pox, oh expired 6 years ago...yikes!
I put all the medication in one container and all the skin care (sunscreen, kids bug spray etc.) in the other.  In the container with drawers I put in all the tubes of medicated creams, bandages and the thermometer.
The top lid easily lifts up, so that is where I placed all the band-aids (which is what gets used the most in this house).  And, of course, I dug out my handy dandy label maker and labelled everything (it's become a bit of an obsession!).
It is now safely tucked away in a cupboard in our downstairs powder room that was not being used to its potential.  I figured this room was perfect as it doesn't have a shower so I don't have to worry about the moisture etc.  I have a lot of wasted space in my cupboards hence the re-organizing stint I'm on right now!

Now back to my kitchen cabinets!  Enjoy your day! :)

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that finds *really old stuff* in medicine cabinets. The other day I realized my baking soda (that was already in banana bread that was baking) expired two years ago...ack!! You did a fabulous job of getting it inspire me to want to tackle my "medicinal mess"!
    Was so happy that you linked up your play dough with your adorable little man last week at my party.
    Would be delighted for you to link this up (as well as any other fun things you've been working on at this week's Mop It Up Mondays:

  2. Good job! You've inspired me to go through my medicine cabinet too!

  3. Looks so much better! I always feel so accomplished when I finish organizing something, unfortunately it doesn't happen very often, lol. I also have the exact same drawer thingy, I store make up and brushes in the top two and hair ties and baby pins in the bottom, works great.

  4. Yep,I always find the old medicine too. We have so many places we keep medicine, mostly its my bathroom, but when everyone gets sick, I migrate the medicines onto the kitchen counter for convenience.

  5. I really need to do this. I bet it feels so good to be organized like this, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. this looks great! I keep our medicine collection in the linen closet :P No humidity or heat in there! I love that you labeled yours. I should really do that.

  7. Yay, thanks for linking up! You've got a lot of great things on your blog; great job!



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